Well hello and thank you being here!

The thing that makes wedding and portrait photography interesting to me is the blend of artistry and humanity. I look for the light, framing, angles, and background, but it is my clients that make my photographs soulful. I strive to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable being themselves. I want my images to capture who you are and how you are feeling.

I began working with couples not from behind a camera, but from behind a desk, I created albums digitally (cutting edge stuff in 2008!) for photographers and their clients. This unique experience had me studying hundreds of photographs for hundreds of different weddings. In designing these albums I considered the light, the beauty, the progression of the day, and how the images would look together on a page.

In 2016, I finally got out from behind my desk and came home to Maine. I was scared, but I knew I was ready to begin working as a photographer. Since then I have mastered many skills, both technical and artistic. I shoot with two top-of-the-line Nikon cameras and many different lenses. This ensures that I am ready to capture any moment as it unfolds.

I take pride in putting people at ease and bringing out the fun in people. This translates in my photographs. You can really see the love my couples feel for each other, and their personalities.

If you think we would be a good match, let’s grab a coffee!